Title: Riddles of the Heart
Promotion: August Moon Romance

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Audience: Young Adult (YA) 

On a night when traditions are celebrated, a little magic will help love to blossom.

Mei and Kane have known each other since the start of school, but efforts to get to know each other haven’t gone well for either. Kane didn’t plan on causing a fire in the science lab, and Mei didn’t expect to knock over the new library display.

When both end up at the same stall at the August Moon Festival, the mutual attraction isn’t missed by a certain old lady. She gifts them a bottle of elixir, and thinking it’s just lemonade, both Mei and Kane drink it.

Transported and trapped in an empty Adelaide, the two teens have just hours to solve a series of riddles. They will need to work together because if they fail, the portal to home will be closed for a year.

Will a fateful tale repeat itself, or will love conquer all?

A sweet YA romance that fans of Your Name and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time will enjoy.

This short story was part of the August Moon Romance release in 2021.

Calla Zae, Isla Chiu, Ticana Zhu, and myself worked together to bring the world four love stories set during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Search #AugustMoonRomance on social media.


Release Date: 14th September 2021

Publisher: Miraworth Books

ISBN (ebook): 978-0-6488363-8-4
ISBN (paperback): 978-0-6453270-0-7 

Language: English
Cover Illustration: Janenajla Arts

Cover Design: Miraworth Designs


Language: none

Sexual content: none

Keywords: magic, choices, portal, sweet, clean, friends-to-lovers, high school, Adelaide

I want to say a big thank you to the reviewer, Amy, who left such a fantastically detailed review for Riddles of the Heart!

Reviewed by Amy for Readers' Favorite

Riddles of the Heart: A Sweet August Moon Romance by Jenni Ward tells the cute story of Mei and Kane. They've been interested in each other since the start of the school year, but they've both made terrible first impressions. Mei is excited about the August Moon Festival, and it gets even better when she runs into Kane at her friend's stall. Her friend's grandmother immediately jumps into action, giving the two of them a special elixir. When they drink it, they suddenly find themselves alone at the festival in a deserted, empty world. They must now solve a series of riddles within two hours to return home, or else they will be trapped there forever. What could be a perfect opportunity for Mei and Kane to get to know each other will also be a race to return to their normal lives.

I love the cultural influences that come into play within Riddles of the Heart. Taking place in Adelaide, Australia, Jenni Ward invites us all to experience the August Moon Festival, a traditional Chinese festival filled with lanterns, mooncakes, and legends of Chang'e, the moon goddess. I definitely learned a lot about this cultural tradition within this short tale, and I loved how Eastern and Western cultures mixed together. There is definitely a manga/manhua feel to the story, as also suggested by the gorgeous cover art, and the characters are easy to adore. The shift from Mei's perspective to Kane's gives readers an all-encompassing understanding of the characters and their motivation. I look forward to reading more from this author.