Title: From the Heart

Genre: Contemporary

Audience: Chapter Book 

If you forget about the love you have for something, you forget what it is that makes you create in the first place.

Setsuko is glad to leave the city behind to stay with her grandparents for the summer. After failing at art, she doesn't want to see a pencil, or paintbrush, until school resumes.

When her grandparents gift her art supplies she goes to the lake determined to return with something. Frustrated at not following the rules of her teacher she's ready to give up. Then she meets Kokoro.

Kokoro will show Setsuko new ways to look at art and life. All Setsuko needs to do is let go of the past.

Join Setsuko as she discovers the power of friendship and believing in yourself. 


Release Date: 30th May 2021

Publisher: Miraworth Books

ISBN (ebook): 978-0-64-88363-4-6

ISBN (paperback): 978-0-6488363-5-3

Language: English          Other Languages: español  
Cover Illustrator: Catherine L. Fullo / TobiocaChan

Cover Designer: CessArts


Language: none

Sexual content: none

Keywords: inner strength, finding yourself, dreams, artist, art, painting