Title: Moonrise

Genre: Portal Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult (YA)


Eloise's siblings are in danger in the fae realm and only a she can find them.

At the end of her shift at the cafe all Eloise wanted to do was go home, relax, and sleep. A guy running in front of her car definitely wasn't included in the plan. But when he says her siblings are missing and in danger in the fae realm, Eloise goes there in hopes of helping.

The first time she has been in the realm she learns more about the technology and society her siblings are being raised in. While many things are advanced she senses that her guide, Gage, is hiding the finer details about the society.

With time running out for her siblings, Eloise must find them before the evil that threatens to destroy the realm does.


Release Date: 2023

Publisher: Miraworth Books

ISBN (ebook): TBA

ISBN (paperback): TBA

Language: English
Cover Design: Dawn Spears / DawnyDawny Artistry


Language: mild

Sexual content: none

Keywords: portal, magic, fae, siblings